Governor issues emergency declaration


WAYNESVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – “It ain’t going to be cheap, that’s for sure,” says Matthew Eblin.

He uses propane to heat his home on Old State Route 122 in Waynesville.

“I got to keep it pretty warm in here because I’ve got a 3-year-old daughter in her room asleep and my wife is pregnant. So, to find out about this shortage, it’s not going to be helping,” explains Eblin.

Governor John Kasich issued a statewide emergency declaration over the weekend in order to expedite shipments of propane gas and help ease shortage brought on by the recent cold spell.

Eblin just filled his propane tank a couple weeks ago but he’s already running low because it’s been of the cold snap.

“It’s a pain because now I’m going to have to drop my temp in my house just a little so I can make sure I can get through a couple weeks of worse weather coming ahead of us,” comments Eblin.

It’s a $750 hit every time he fills the tank.

“That’s more money out of my pocket to get it re-filled up.  If I keep it up higher to keep the house as warm as it is now.  You just kind of work through what you got to do to be able to heat your house or you just bundle up very well at night,” says Eblin.

Eblin plans on using some alternate heating sources to cut down on costs.

But, he’s also doing other things as well and suggests you do the same.

“Check your insulation around your windows and around your doors. Make sure you don’t have a draft coming in.  If you do just get some insulation from Walmart to put around there. And, it actually will help a lot,” explains Eblin.

2 NEWS reached out to several gas companies for comment about their propane supplies but haven’t heard back.

Governor Kasich says it’s also important to check on your neighbors, especially seniors and families with young children.

If someone needs help, call your local EMA or Red Cross.

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