Preparing for active shootings

dayton mall

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN)- Days after a deadly shooting at a Maryland shopping mall, Miami Township Police officials are talking about what they do to keep area shoppers safe.

The Dayton Mall sits just a few blocks from the Miami Township Police Department. Sgt. Jay Phares says the department has a strong presence at the mall and officers routinely respond when needed.

He also said officers train for active shooter situations.

“Our goal is to go and take the shooter out right away and that’s what we would do,” he said. “People need to react to us coming in. They would want to keep their hands up and their fingers spread and just let us do what we need to do”.

Sgt. Phares also shared advice for anyone caught in a potentially dangerous situation. He said people need to remember “run, hide, fight”.

“Get to a safe place and get away from the shooter. If you can’t do that, if you think you are too close, then you’d want to hide somewhere close where you can’t be seen. The other thing is fight and that’s the last resort if you have to”.

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