Counting the homeless in the cold

WDTN Photo/Bear Everett
WDTN Photo/Bear Everett

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)- Montgomery County officials spend Wednesday morning in the cold looking for homeless people living outdoors.

They checked bus stations, under bridges, in the woods, in abandoned buildings.

The group left from the St. Vincent Gateway Shelter for Women and Families around 4 AM to conduct what’s called the Point-In-Time Count.

It’s a yearly requirement the county must do or risk losing federal funding from housing and urban development.

This count is part of a score on a very competitive grant process that funds about 25 different programs in the community.

But, it’s ultimately about helping those homeless people.

“This group of people, people who are sleeping out, particularly when it’s this cold, are people who are kind of flying under the radar.  We want to make sure that we’re counting them, that we’re finding them and we have an idea of where people are. So, we can begin to engage them and get them connected to housing and off the street,” says Kathleen Shanahan of Montgomery County Homeless Solutions.

We have a call in to the county to find out what happened during Wednesday’s count.

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