Cleaning up after fuel spill

fuel spill

Crews braved the cold Wednesday to freeze a fuel spill in its tracks.

“We don’t want to get it in the water and creek,” says West Alexandria Fire Chief Jeff Shafer. “It flows down to Twin Creek.”

Their concern was the more than 100 gallons of fuel that leaked from a truck filling up at a Marathon station along U.S. 35 in West Alexandria.

“We’ve got pads in place absorbing it,” Shafer says.

But the rest of the cleanup fell to a company coming from nearly two hours away in Columbus.

So we called the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to ask why the crew would come from so far away.

A spokesperson says it’s dependent on who the trucking company calls because they have to pay for the cleanup.

“Different cleanup organizations specialize in different things,” says EPA spokesperson Heather Lauer.

The EPA says the fire department can call for a closer contractor as well but in this case they had things under control.

“In the end everything is going to be well taken care of,” Lauer says. “The local fire department did an outstanding job containing this until the contractor could come out.”

The biggest issue for the contractor was the snow on the ground that required a backhoe to dig up.

“In this case there was ice the gasoline went under and that added a different twist to this cleanup,” Lauer says.

Lauer says residents won’t experience any ill effects from the spill.

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