BBB: Curiosity could cost you in new call scheme

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)- A new scheme making it’s rounds could cause unexpected charges to show up on your cell phone bill, just from re-dialing a number you don’t recognize.

The Better Business Bureau calls it the “One Ring Scam.”

Hackers program computers that will send thousands of calls to random cell phone numbers, ring once, then disconnect.

John North, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau, said what they’re counting on, “Is that you’re going to be curious enough to find out who that number is and what they want.”

If you do, you’ll be charged $19.95 for the call. Then, an additional $9 for every minute.

The call is international, “It’s usually in the Caribbean Islands. We’re seeing things in Jamaica, as well as the British Virgin Islands, Antigua and even Grenada, is where we’re seeing these calls traced back to,” North said.

To avoid this mess, North said the best thing you can do is not call back any number that you’re not familiar with, especially if it’s an international number.

He said no one in the Miami Valley has reported being a victim of this scheme– yet, which is why the BBB wants to get the word out.

If any unusual charges do show up on your bill, North suggested contacting your carrier immediately.

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