Cold can be dangerous for kids

KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – Snow can be all fun and games for kids until someone gets hurt.

Dr. Jon Vargas at Kettering Medical Center says they haven’t seen a lot of injuries from sledding in the ER so far this winter.

However, the cold can also be dangerous.

That’s why Dr. Vargas says it’s important for parents to limit their kids’ time outdoors especially when temperatures are below freezing.

He says with the wind chill, it can be even colder.

Dr. Vargas explains that clothes can get wet and kids can be outside for too long, risking serious injury.

You should make sure your kids are dressed for this winter blast.

“We recommend that kids layer up, cover their heads especially because you lose a lot of your body heat from your head and your face.  Exposed body parts can get cold very quickly and frostbite is definitely a risk.  So, we recommend hat, gloves, hoodies, multiple layers and you know, warm clothing,’ explains Dr. Vargas.

Adults are also at risk of getting hurt too.

Just last Sunday, more than two dozen people were seen at Kettering Medical Center for ice-related injuries.

Doctors say make sure you wear shoes with good traction and be on the lookout for ice.

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