No rest for road crews

XENIA, Ohio (WDTN)- The snow and ice that blanketed the area Tuesday night into Monday morning had road crews in overdrive.

It’s the latest in what has been a very busy winter.

Greene County Engineer, Bob Geyer, told us his crews only took two days off in the month of January.

“The guys are getting tired. They’re doing a great job hanging with it. They’re getting a little chippy. Tempers are getting short,” said Geyer.

Greene County’s drivers have been working around the clock. 20 employees drive 10 trucks in 12 hours shifts.

“This winter for me has been really good,” said Phil Davis, a plow driver. “I like doing the job and cleaning the roads up. It’s pretty fun to do”.

However, with more snow in the forecast even Davis said he is ready for a break. “It can be stressful, just keep thinking of sunny weather and 75″.

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