Bus drivers trained to navigate in winter weather

RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WDTN) – Mad River Local Schools is one of many districts throughout the Miami Valley faced with the tough decision of whether to cancel school due to adverse weather conditions.

Districts communicate with its street maintenance department in helping determine if roads are safe enough for buses to travel.

Bus drivers are also trained to navigate through snow covered roads with slick spots.

2 NEWS shadowed Mike Crawford as he navigated down a neighborhood street in Riverside Thursday.  The bus driver’s foot hovered close to the break because the ride was anything but smooth.

“I think the roads are the worst when the snow begins to melt and then freeze,” said Crawford.  “You wake up and you don’t know how much snow you are going to get. You have to prepare yourself for that.”

Crawford is also a district board instructor. He teaches other drivers how to drive in the winter weather.

“We are required to do 12 hours of training and then we are required to go to a pre-service class,” said Crawford.

Drivers learn to drop their speed, increase their stopping time and be extra cautious when making turns at intersections  where snow is piled high

It does make you change the way you turn. you have to turn wider. swing out.”

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