Victim of dog mauling identified, repeatedly called for help with dogs

Jackie Custer and Andrew Nason accused of reckless homicide in Montgomery County.  (Photo/Montgomery County Jail)
Julie Custer and Andrew Nason accused of reckless homicide in Montgomery County. (Photo/Montgomery County Jail)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – 2 NEWS Investigates found documents that indicate the Dayton woman killed by dogs on East Bruce Avenue repeatedly called for help in the past.

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office identify her as Klonda Richey, 57.  2 NEWS Investigates did some digging and found that she worked for the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services for 25 years.  The county’s communications director gave 2 NEWS the following statement:

“She looked after the supply needs of our workers at The Haines Children’s Center. Those who knew her within JFS remember her fondly. Our sympathy goes out to her family, friends and co-workers.”

In July of last year, Richey called 911 and told the dispatcher that two Bull Mastiff dogs living at 35 East Bruce Avenue charged her.  Police told 2 NEWS Investigates calls about dogs often don’t result in a police report.  Instead, they are turned over to Montgomery County’s Animal Resource Center.

Two hours after her July call, ARC came out and took over.

The ARC’s Director Mark Kumpf was at Friday’s crime scene.  He said he was aware of nine complaints about the dogs responsible for the woman’s death.

He said, “We have had previous complaints on the animals but we’ve never located them or seen them.”

Digging deeper into dispatch logs from last year and into this year, 2 NEWS Investigates found six 911 calls about a barking dog at 35 E. Bruce Avenue.  At least five of the six calls appear to be from Klonda Richey.

The barking dog complaint from May 28 reads “dog is straining to get to water and food that are empty, advised is ongoing issue.”  The log indicates the owner eventually took the dog inside.

“We are aware of additional complaints, unfortunately, the owners have never responded to any of our calls to the best of our knowledge. We are looking into this matter,” Kumpf said.

2 NEWS Investigates searched the county auditor’s website and found that at 35 E. Bruce there are two dogs registered- they are designated “mixed breeds.” The owner on record is Julie Custer. Custer and Andrew Nason were taken into police custody late Friday.

2 NEWS Investigates requested information on those nine complaints ARC director Mark Kumpf mentioned. We were told we would get them after Dayton homicide detectives got what they wanted for their investigation.