Salt shortage impacting school districts


A lesson in rough winters has now turned into a course on supply and demand for area schools.

“We’re very low we’re just like every other public entity around,” says Centerville Superintendent Dr. Tom Henderson.

The Centerville School District is short on salt.

The district usually gets its salt from the city of Centerville, but the city hasn’t had enough to give so the school district has had to find other sources.

“Washington Township has helped us out and allowed us to fill up our trucks and really kept us going for the last three weeks,” Henderson says.

Centerville has also tried conserving salt, but that can be difficult with so much ground to cover.

The district has 13 locations each with its own parking lots, driveways and sidewalks to clear.

“It’s a real judgment call,” Henderson says. “You try to take advantage of the sunshine and if you’ll get some melt because of that.”

We wanted to know if the salt shortage could make Centerville more likely to close school if it doesn’t have enough to clear its lots.

The district has already used 7 calamity days.

“That’s always a possibility because the decision to delay or close is always based on staff and student safety,” Henderson says. “I think that could impact some decision making down the road but we hope we don’t run out.”

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