Woman’s death followed dog complaints that went nowhere

Klonda Richey killed by two dogs on E. Bruce Avenue in Dayton. (Photo/provided)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – On Friday, the Director of Montgomery County’s Animal Resource Center mentioned nine complaints about the dogs that killed Klonda Richey. 2 NEWS Investigates requested copies of the complaints and received a dozen. They date back to December 2011.

The complaints are linked by the address 35 East Bruce Avenue.  That is where the dogs who attacked Richey lived.

One call for help from August 8, 2012 says a a dog charged a woman, police came, but the owners did not answer the door and after the police left the dog was loose again.

One from March 16, 2013 came to the attention of the Animal Resource Center, “he will let his dog loose to go after her and her cats.”

The complaint that might be the most disturbing is dated August 5, 2013. The caller stated the owner is now putting one of the dogs “in her yard to scare her.”

The complaints indicate animal control officers did go to the owners’ home numerous times to warn them that there were complaints about the dogs. They looked for the dogs but didn’t see them or they knocked on the door but it wasn’t answered.

2 NEWS Investigates will stay on this story for you until we get answers.



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