DP&L workers Atlanta bound to assist after ice storm

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – One hundred employees with Dayton Power & Light are Atlanta-bound should the southern city need help after another ice storm in the forecast.

Their trip is part of a mutual aid program many cities use when preparing for any storm that could cause power outages.

The last snowstorm that went through Atlanta recently virtually shut down the city.

It caused a standstill on the highway. In many cases, people were unable to get home, instead spending the night in schools and businesses.

DP&L crews will help should there be any power outages.

The Dayton crew will start in Marietta, Georgia, just north of Atlanta.

Depending on how bad the storm is, crews could be down there for a couple of days to two weeks repairing damage.

The director of operations for DP&L wants Miami Valley residents to rest assured that they are still prepared to react to any problems here at home.

“First rule of mutual aid, take care of the home team. If our crews are down there and something would happen in the Miami Valley, we would bring our crews right back. We have the right, as well as the obligation to get our folks back here as quickly as possible to restore power if something would happen here in Dayton,” said Bruce Coppock, DP&L Director of Operations.

DP&L says it looks at our region’s extended forecast before sending anyone out of town.

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