What Comcast purchase of Time Warner could mean to you

Television remote.  (WDTN Photo/file)
Television remote. (WDTN Photo/file)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Comcast announced Thursday that it is buying Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion in stock.

The sale will make Comcast a dominant player in delivering entertainment programming to you.

So, we wanted to know how the sale might affect Time Warner Cable customers’ home service.

University of Dayton Associate Professor of Marketing, Randy Starks, believes consumer have reason to worry.

“I think for the average person out there, the forward looking results are going to be pretty iffy, but chances are pretty good that they’re going to end up paying more and getting less. Anytime you have the merger of two companies that basically eliminate each other as competition, the company becomes more likely to behave like a monopoly and when that happens prices tend to go up and service tends to go down,” said Sparks.

If the deal is approved, Comcast will serve 30 million pay TV customers and 32 million internet subscribers.

Comcast also owns NBC Universal.


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