Glaze of ice greets Miami County

TROY, Ohio (WDTN) – An ugly layer of ice greeted the people just getting off work in downtown Troy.

“I hate it.  I can tolerate it for awhile, but eventually I’ve got to go south or something.”

Clearing off the car until it’s drivable is only the first step– then comes navigating the icy roads.

“Your best bet is just to stay home. If you don’t have to go out for any reason just stay home,” said Ray Keyton, Senior V.P., AAA.

Keyton says with freezing rain and ice there is very little you can do to control your car.

Icicles hanging from the bell outside the Tipp City Fire Station showed how quickly everything was freezing.

Keyton says AAA brought in extra dispatchers Monday night and increased the number of trucks on the road.

“It takes us longer to get to the calls. So any calls we would be servicing tonight, it’s going to take longer for the service truck to arrive.”

Keyton says they could expect anywhere from 150 to 175 calls.

That’s three times as many as what dispatchers would normally take.

That’s why they hope you’ll take your time as we all bear down for the final month of winter.

“But I’m glad it’s getting warmer, because that means I can go golf soon.”


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