Medicare policy under scrutiny

Senator Sherrod Brown.  (WDTN Photo)
Senator Sherrod Brown. (WDTN Photo)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Senator Sherrod Brown is taking action against a Medicare policy that he says is costing senior citizens thousands.

Under current policy, patients must have in-patient status and stay in the hospital at least three days or else recovery care is not covered.

Delores Chambers is 81 years old. She recently needed hospitalization, but found out later, she had to pay for it.

Chambers had been under Medicare, but was told the agency would not pay for her hospital bill or her rehabilitation because she was under so called observation status.

Medicare must have an inpatient stay of at least three days for Medicare to cover skilled nursing care after hospitalization.

“The hospital bill when it came was over $41,000. That did not include the tests. Those were paid by Medicare. I told everybody I will die in poverty,” said Delores Chambers, Medicare patient.

“If a classified inpatient or observation senior pays a bill, and it’s not small sometimes, thousands of dollars, that’s why legislation needs to be fixed,” said Senator Brown.

A doctor corrected the problem and Medicare eventually correctly billed Chambers.

Brown says improving the access to the Medicare Coverage Act is endorsed by the AARP and the American Medical Association.







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