Getting answers: No school delay on icy morning?

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A number of accidents and slide offs Tuesday included school buses.

With so much advance notice about the ice, 2 NEWS is asking why some districts did not delay to ensure a safe commute?

We took that very question to the Dayton Public Schools for some answers.

Several Dayton buses were sliding and getting stuck on ice. That can create a dangerous situation for students as well as other traffic.

“It was a difficult morning.”

When and why weather plays a role in suspending or delaying schools is a decision made by a team within the Dayton School District.

The freezing rain on not yet thawed side streets created a slippery obstacle course for the drivers of the big yellow rigs.

Marsha: “You were aware the morning was going to be like this correct?”

“We take a lot of things into consideration, do take forecast temperature factors shared by your forecasters and others,” said Jill Moberly, Dayton Public Schools Spokesperson.

In the overnight hours, a DPS team drives through the district, checking to see if the side streets are navigable.

Marsha: “At 8:30 this morning as a driver and side streets it was horrible and I live within the Dayton school district, so why would that not be taken into consideration if i am driving streets that are bad?”

Moberly: “I do know there were parts of that were giving us issues but not district wide.”

Marsha: ‘Did anybody think to call off schools?”

Moberly: “It is a complex system that we have to adhere to deliver to sixty schools is daunting.”

Moberly says the district is responsible, bound by law, for transporting students to 31 schools that are not part of the district, so Superintendent Lori Ward has to consider even creating delays for DPS can wreak havoc for those parochial and charter pupils who also have to get to school.





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