Goepper gets some ‘face time’ with 2 NEWS

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – You don’t hear about world-class skiers being raised in Indiana, but Nick Goepper was, and despite the geographical obstacle he faced growing up, he ended up on an Olympic podium.

After taking third place which contributed to an American sweep of the ski slopestyle, 2 NEWS talked with the 19 year old Lawrenceburg, Indiana native Wednesday.

Some of Goepper’s supporters saw it happen at a watch party Thursday night after the U.S. swept the freestyle skiing competition.

Goepper stood for the bronze.

“I never thought I would be in this position coming from southeast Indiana.”

Goepper’s journey to the Olympic podium in Sochi started when, at 15, he left his family in Indiana to live and train in Portland, Oregon.

“That was one of the best career moves.”

Timing and agility are key in the ski slopestyle. So how does the new, young Olympic phenom maintain concentration?

“I try to focus on one thing at a time. It’s like taking a calculus test, you don’t think just one question at a time.”

We had a surprise for the teen Olympian.  A WDTN, Dayton CW employee was once a skiing buddy at Perfect North.  We reunited them by face time.

“I met him from seeing him ride all the time and hang out, do a few runs,” said Jamie Allender.

 Nick says he is on a whirlwind tour.  He spoke to us from Times Square.

He said when he does make back to Lawrenceburg to see his family, he will try to stop by Dayton and check us out.


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