West Carrollton, ARC tackle stray cats with new plan

stray cat

West Carrollton’s stray cat problem may soon be a thing of the past as the city enters into an agreement with the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

Under the partnership, the Animal Resource Center will collect stray cats, spay or neuter them, and release them in the same spot where they were picked up.

The Animal Resource Center will apply for a grant from PetSmart to help offset the cost of the spay/neuter program.

“We are hopeful that this new policy will help reduce the number of stray cats in the city.” said Carl Enterman, code enforcement officer. “We appreciate the county’s willingness to apply for the grant on the city’s behalf, in order to lower the high costs of this issue.”

The City paid $7,200 in 2013 for stray cat care.

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