Olympian Goepper talks to 2News

Nick Goepper Olympic viewing party.  (WDTN Photo/Brooke Moore)
Nick Goepper Olympic viewing party. (WDTN Photo/Brooke Moore)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Olympic bronze winner Nick Goepper says moving to Portland, Oregon when he was fifteen was the best move of his career.  Leaving his family in Lawrenceburg, Indiana to live and train in Oregon was difficult, but he acknowledges that the change led to his step to the Olympic medal podium last week.

Goepper’s third place completed the American sweep of the ski slopestyle. Timing and agility in that event are key – enough that the honor student  compares it to taking a calculus test. Just as he takes each question on a test one at at time,  he focuses solely on each obstacle on the course, as he approaches it.

We surprised him with a face time conversation with a WDTN- Dayton CW employee who was once a skiing buddy at Perfect North. The reunion between Goepper and Jamie Allender was exciting for both.

The teen Olympian talked to us from Times Square in New York City but he told us when he eventually gets home to Lawrenceburg,  he would make  his way to Cincinnati,  and then stop in Dayton to pay us a visit at WDTN.  We are holding him to that.


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