Digging deeper into Fifth Third mistake

XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – 2 NEWS Investigates is digging deeper into the mistake at Fifth Third Bank that could impact some of their customers’ credit scores.

A spokesman for Fifth Third bank say they accidentally reported to the major credit bureaus that some of its customers filed for bankruptcy when they didn’t.

They claim the problem is taken care of, but we wanted to be sure.

Betty Conley from Xenia hasn’t heard anything from Fifth Third Bank since she got a letter telling her they accidentally reported she filed for bankruptcy.

The easiest way to make sure everything is accurate is to check your credit report.

2 NEWS Investigates was with Conley when she looked at hers.

“I still don’t understand how it happened to several people and not everybody,” explained Conley.

Conley’s credit report is clean.  No mention of bankruptcy, a fix Fifth Third said it made, but Conley’s credit score is lower than when she checked two years ago.  A possible reason why?  We found a few companies checked her credit during the month of November.  Remember, Fifth Third made the mistake in October, discovered it in November and did not tell customers like Conley until this month.

“But I think we should have been notified earlier,” said Conley, “and knowing if it was going to be corrected.  It was going to kind of ease our mind.”

Even though her mind is now a bit more at ease, Conley said her faith in her bank is not.

“I think it’s the trust in the bank, that somebody wasn’t paying attention.”

I did speak with a spokesperson from Fifth Third again.  He told 2 NEWS Investigates they have fixed the problem and apologized to the impacted customers.

He didn’t answer my questions about why it took so long to notify them and what specifically is being done to avoid this problem in the future.

You can check your credit report just like Betty Conley, for free, once a year at the Annual Credit Report web site.




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