Suspicious fire at ‘killer dogs’ house

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – “We thought, another Friday and the police are on the street,”

Neighbors watch as crews attack a fire at  35 East Bruce Avenue around 8:30 Friday morning.

Dayton Interim Fire Chief Jeff Payne says it appears the fire started on the second floor of the house.

No one was inside at the time and no one was hurt.

That’s why he’s calling it suspicious.

“Not  to be factitious but fires just don’t start by themselves.  So, we bring in our arson investigation team to , in addition to determine cause and origin but also to determine if this started or what caused this fire to start,” explains Chief Payne.

Just a few feet away from the fire, you can see a memorial set up at the next door neighbor’s house.

That’s where Klonda Richey lived.

Police say she was mauled to death by the dogs that lived in the home where today’s fire started.

The couple who lived there were taken to jail but released because no formal charges were filed.

Neighbor Georgetta Young says she hasn’t seen anyone at the home for some time.

“It was a rather quiet neighborhood.  Suddenly, we have this kind of action going on.  It’s changed the neighborhood forever,” comments Young.

She says recent events make her want to know more about her neighbors.

“We weren’t aware that there were any situations really going on that happened, we never really witnessed anything like that going on. So, it would probably make the neighborhood, the few of use that are left, become a lot closer,” says Young.

If you have any information on this suspicious fire, call Crime Stoppers at 222-7867 (STOP).

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