Dayton neighbors react to RTA bus driver shooting

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Neighbors in the surrounding community of an RTA bus driver shooting scene are not used to violence in their part of town.

A different scene now from the dark break of dawn at Lakeside and Lakeview in Dayton’s Pineview neighborhood.

It is business as usual now at the RTA bus stop, but in the early morning, it was where an RTA bus driver was shot and stabbed.

“He was approached by 3 black males who attacked him.”

After stabbing one of the attackers with a pen and shooting at them with their own gun, bus driver Rickey Wagoner left that intersection and drove to get help on Elmhurst Road near West Third Street.

He was shot twice in the chest, once in the right hip and stabbed in his left arm.

“He heard suspects say, time to kill a polar bear, to get into the club.”

LaDonna Stroud’s house is less than 50 yards from the attack.

“I have a teenage boy who catches the bus. It’s scary going and coming to school,” said Stroud.

Several people who live in Pineview neighborhood say things have changed over the years, but this most recent incident is unlikely.

“I live up the street, quiet, people care about their property.”

The bus driver’s wounds are not life threatening.

Two of the bullets hit his front left shirt pocket in which he was carrying a religious devotional booklet called, The Message.





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