RTA releases video of driver shooting

Rickey Wagoner's  Bible saved him from serious injury in shooting.  (Photo/RTA)
Rickey Wagoner’s Bible saved him from serious injury in shooting. (Photo/RTA)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Regional Transit Authority says its priority after a driver was shot early Monday morning, is the driver.

The driver says he was saved by a devotional book of the New Testament in his pocket.

The RTA released surveillance video of the shooting late Monday afternoon.  You can hear the victim scream after shots are fired.  He then is able to call 911 himself to report the shooting.

The RTA identifies the driver as Rickey Wagoner, a 10 year veteran.

Executive Director Mark Donaghy says Wagoner has an excellent record both in attendance and on-time performance on his route.

Donaghy says the violence Monday morning is a very rare occurrence for the RTA. The last time a similar incident happened was a decade ago.

The RTA says a videotape was recording the incident, but Donaghy says most of the incident happened off the bus.

Police currently have no suspects.






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