Witness helps police search for arsonist

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) -A suspected arsonist is captured on camera trying to run from the scene of a fire.

A fire broke out at the home on 104 South Smithville Road in Dayton around 10:30 a.m.

Dayton police arrested a man who was inside the home.  Samuel Crowe, 49, was taken to the Montgomery County Jail charged with aggravated arson.

A witness said he saw another man run from the home as smoke was pouring out of one of the windows.

“I was like, ‘Jason, that house is on fire’,” said Mike Garrison who took a picture of a suspected arsonist. “He was like, ‘There’s a dude walking out of the porch.’ I was like, ‘Lets pull over and get a picture of him.’ He walked up to my passenger window and made it real easy to get a picture of him.”

Firefighters said the fire was contained to one of the bedrooms.  No one was injured.

An investigation into the fire continues as police try to find the person who ran from the home.

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