What is ‘The Message’ that saved a bus driver’s life?

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The 2 NEWS Facebook page is full of talk about RTA bus driver, Rick Wagoner, and the book that he attributes to saving his life after being shot and stabbed.

It was initially reported the bus driver had a small Bible in his shirt pocket and that is what the bullets hit without penetrating his body.

After further investigation, we were the first to tell you Rick Wagoner had a religious book that carried a message.

It was a copy of The Message. The book written by Reverend Eugene Peterson comes in different sizes and covers and is filled with every day, easily read explanations of the Bible.

“The first I heard about it, did you hear that story, do you have that book,” said Kevin Beavon of Family Christian Bookstore.

Pastor Gary Trenum of Victory Christian Church in Kettering says the secular community will say Wagoner was lucky, that it was chance that saved his life when he put the book in his shirt pocket.

He says believers of the Bible feel Wagoner actually listened to the Spirit.

“That morning, I believe he was led and didn’t just end up there when he put that book through,” said Pastor Trenum.

Dayton police are holding the book as evidence right now.

“I have heard other stories where it was carried in battle, people credit it with helping them through a battle.”

Pastor Trenum says The Message helps people who may not understand or who may be frustrated with how some versions of the Bible are written.

He says Rick Wagoner’s life being saved by this book in his pocket is living testimony.

“Ricky Wagoner, your work’s not done, yet.”

The manager at the Family Christian Book Store says the sales of The Message have picked up a lot since yesterday’s story aired about Rick Wagoner.

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