Walking the line on storm readiness

KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – You can already find those familiar white stripes lining streets in Kettering even though the storm is a few days out.

That salt solution is used to pre-treat the roads so when the snow does fall it doesn’t start sticking as quickly.

But this far out, we wondered if it would last.

So we called the public service director, Dave Duritsch.

He says the pre-treatment will be a help whether we get ice or snow this weekend and believes they have a strategy for making sure it doesn’t fade between now and then.

“It will wear off with traffic like anything else,” Duritsch says. “We aren’t doing as much of the main routes because those are the first areas we hit when there is precipitation so we’re trying to get into the secondary roads where there isn’t as much traffic and it won’t wear off as quickly.”

Duritsch says the advantage of pre-treating now as opposed to waiting for the weekend is that they’re not spending overtime dollars on it.

He hopes the pre-treatment will help them use less salt for the storm because just like many other communities, they’re still short.

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