Seeing guide dog gets microchip

WDTN Photo/Chris Smith
WDTN Photo/Chris Smith

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) –The owner of the seeing guide dog that was stolen this week got her dog microchipped at the Animal Resource Center.

Sheryl Williams took her Rottweiler, Diamond, to the Animal Resource Center Saturday to get the microchip implant.

Diamond was stolen from Williams’ North Irwin Street back yard while it was outside to go to the bathroom this week. Williams is visually impaired and the dog is trained to assist her.

Diamond was found a couple of days later after a man who bought the dog on Craigslist recognized it as Williams’ dog.

Bonnie Ritchie is accused of stealing the dog and then selling it.

Williams made the decision to get her dog microchipped so an incident like this never happens to her again.

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