Business leads to bright future in Centerville

Centerville state of the city
Centerville state of the city. (WDTN Photo)

CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – Leaders in Centerville laid out the plan for the future of their city.

The mayor took center stage for the State of the City Address Monday, where he discussed the many businesses sprouting up in that area and what it means for the people who live there.

Mayor Mark Kingseed starting with the construction of the new Costco expected to be open by fall of this year.

The mayor said it will be a major addition to the area on Wilmington Pike near I-675.

“With the other businesses at the Cornerstone, the Cornerstone will begin to provide services and jobs, hundreds of jobs to the local community,” said Mayor Mark Kingseed, Centerville.

2 NEWS talked to the developers of what used to be Showcase Cinema which closed in 2006.

It was recently torn down. Dayton based Mills Development is planning for office space surrounded by retail.

They couldn’t say much more, only that it will definitely not be another movie theater.

Mayor Kingseed says this will also bring jobs to the area.

“But the real foundation of our success, the real foundation of business opportunity comes not necessarily from the large corporations, but from those hundreds of small businesses.”

He talked specifically about the East Franklin business district.

He says it’s beginning to look run down and the city plans to fix that.

“The real heart of Centerville is the 700 plus businesses that operate in this city.”

That’s why he says the city will create a task force to make it easier for small business owners to get started, dealing with final approval of development and record plans.

The mayor says the city’s income tax proceeds are slowly beginning to increase, a sign that small businesses are also growing.


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