Court upholds Ohio’s wild animal law

DAYTON,  Ohio (WDTN) –  There is new information on a situation 2 NEWS Investigates first warned you about last month concerning owners of wild animals who refuse to follow a new state law designed to keep you safe and informed.

Several wild animal owners in the state were fighting the new law that puts restrictions on owning animals like cougars and poisonous snakes.

They said it violated their freedom of association and speech rights, but on Tuesday, a federal court of appeals ruled against them.

Daniel Chambers and many other tiger and bear owners in the state claim the permitting process required to keep wild animals on your property is just too strict and unrealistic.

The new law requires them to have proper caging, carry insurance and microchip their animals.  That is a move the state says would keep the community safer and more informed.

The wild animal owners claim it’s too expensive.

According to the opinion issued Tuesday, a federal court of appeals is keeping that law intact.

The three judge panel said the owners’ claims lacked merit.

The judges stated, even though the burden of regulation may fall heavier on some than others, it is not enough to render the act unconstitutional.

During our investigation, we found at least four bobcats, nine alligators, and five cougars registered right here in the Miami Valley.

You can find out if they are in your neighborhood by checking out a searchable database.



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