What new crime fighting tool would mean

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – City Commissioners will consider a contract Wednesday that would add a new crime fighting tool designed to reduce drug deals in the city.

The contract would be with the Advanced Technical Information Center in Beavercreek.

Documents say the company would provide crime analysis using data mining and crime mapping among other tools.

We called police to ask if that data will be used to try to predict when or where crimes may happen, a controversial step some departments are moving toward.

Police Major Chris Williams say that’s not what that data will be used for.

He says it will help the Narcotics Division with the drug complaints and other tips it gets and trying to find patterns and links between them.

He believes it’s a way for the department to be more efficient without as many officers as in the past, but he says the department isn’t ready to go down the road of predictive analysis yet.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office already contracts with the Advanced Technical Information Center.

If approved the contract would cost $60,000 and run through the end of the year.

That money would come from the State Asset Forfeiture Fund, which is not taxpayer dollars.

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