Department of Labor sues area cell stores

DAYTON (WDTN) – A chain of area cell phone stores is the focus of a federal lawsuit.

The employees worked for a company operating under the name of Zam Cricket or World Wireless.  The company had 14 retail locations throughout the Miami Valley.

U.S. Department of Labor investigators claimed dozens of employees were paid less than minimum wage, if at all.

2 NEWS checked several of the addresses listed in the lawsuit and found they are no longer in business.

According to the lawsuit, 83 workers are owed more $226,000 for Fair Labor Standards Act violations. Those alleged violation include paying less than the $7.25 federal minimum wage and not compensating employees for overtime.

“Unfortunately, it’s all too common that vulnerable, minimum wage workers are taken advantage of,” said Scott Allen with the U.S. Department of Labor. “This is another case where our division has discovered that the company was unfairly paying their employees and we intend to see this through and try to get the wages back for all the workers.”

Allen said if the company is found guilty, it would have to pay back all the wages and could face other financial penalties.

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