Fewer chickens coming home to roost

FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) – A bad joke that for years has turned one neighborhood into a punchline is now getting a rewrite.

“Some people stop and laugh and others say I can’t believe there’s chickens out here,” says Arby Presley who lives near the chickens.

It is not why the chickens cross the road, but how many.

Since 2 NEWS first brought you the story of the chickens loose on Montgomery Avenue, Fairborn has reduced their number from about 50 to 20.

“I’m hoping to have them out of here by the end of March, early April at the latest,” says Mike Gebhart, Fairborn Community Development Director.

Neighbors took issue with the chickens not just for the constant crowing, but because they are a traffic hazard.

“They couldn’t drive up and down the road without worrying about hitting the chickens,” Presley says.

Gebhart says the owner of the property where the chickens roost has been a big help in removing them.

“The property owner’s done a great job,” Gebhart says. “I can’t commend him enough.”

The city’s also caught some.  We wanted to know what the bill has been for taxpayers.

“The cost is very limited,” Gebhart says. “It’s the cost of the fee our contractor uses.”

Gebhart puts the total at less than $300.

Neighbors say you can’t put a price tag on a feather free future.

“It’s so good to see them be able to be captured and to take them someplace where they’ll be taken care of,” Presley says.

The chickens are being taken to area farms to live.

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