Fiancee of man with guns and badge talks with 2 NEWS Investigates

DE GRAFF, Ohio (WDTN) – Nicole Caldwell told 2 NEWS Investigates she’s Michael Walters’s fiancee and together they are raising six children.

Pam Elliot asked her about the guns confiscated Wednesday and she said Walters enjoys going to the shooting range.

When asked about the badge and police gear, Caldwell said Walters doesn’t feel he’s important in her eyes and in the eyes of others.

She also told 2 NEWS Investigates he never used the get up to hurt anyone.

Caldwell said that Walters spoke about working with Lima Police before the two met, though when 2 NEWS Investigates called the Lima Police Department and had the woman in charge of payroll look at his picture on our website, she did not recognize Walters and she said she’s worked for the department for 26 years.

Walters was arrested March 4 after an investigation conducted by the Jackson Center Police Department and the U.S. Marshals Office.

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