Keeping students safe at school during tornado threat

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WDTN)- Students at Jane Chance Elementary School in Miamisburg filed into the hallway for Tuesday’s statewide tornado drill.

“They are practicing getting quickly and quietly out into the hallway because that is the safest place for the students to be, not near windows.  But, as quickly as we can into that position.  We’re looking for students to keep their heads down, covered, in case something might fall on them,” explains 2nd grade teacher Jessica Hoban.

Students completed the drill in less than two minutes.

“It was pretty easy, like you need to get into your position really fast because if there was a real one.  It could be just a few minutes away and you want to get down in your position real fast,” says 2nd grader Thomas Reinker.

“If there’s a tornado and you’re not ready then you can get hurt,” comments 2nd grader Megan Noel.

When there was a real tornado warning, students here were ready.

“We have had students have a warning at school in previous springs and they’ve had to come out in the hallway and stay in the position for awhile,” explains Hoban.

Students are also encouraged to do tornado drills at home so they know where to take shelter there too.

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