Rain will make treating roads tricky before snow

MIAMI COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – The sun was shining and temperatures were in the 60’s Tuesday, but the signs of winter weren’t far away.

“Even though today is a beautiful day outside, we have not taken all the plows or salters off yet,” says Miami County Engineer Paul Huelskamp.

2 NEWS went to Miami County to ask road crews what they’re doing to prepare for the latest storm expected Wednesday.

“We’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us,” Huelskamp says.

This storm could be a little tougher to handle.  Crews won’t be able to pre-treat the roads because of the rain that will fall first.

“If it rains before it snows, you’re done,” says Trotwood Public Works Director Dalton Hines. “It washes away and it doesn’t do you any good.”

So, that means they’ll have to keep a close eye on when the dropping temperatures lead to slick conditions on the roads.

“We’re certainly watching the forecast,” Huelskamp says.

Already the rough winter has piled up the costs.

Troy’s Service Director Patrick Titterington says they’ve spent $60,000 more than last year and used twice as much salt.

But the brief warm up gave communities enough time to replenish supplies and morale.

“The nicer weather helps everybody feel a little better,” Huelskamp says.




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