Cityfolk Festival’s last hurrah

Final so long to the Cityfolk Festival
Final so long to the Cityfolk Festival. (WDTN Photo/Matt Behrens)
Cityfolk's final hurrah
Cityfolk’s final hurrah. (WDTN Photo/Matt Behrens)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Volunteers and supporters of the now defunct Cityfolk Festival gathered for one last hurrah Wednesday night at the University of Dayton.

The financially strapped festival ended last year after 30 years, but organizers wanted to thank all the Cityfolk die-hards with one more night out.

There was free ‘swag’ to take home, food to munch on and plenty of memories about the festival’s hey day.

There are no plans right now to bring the festival back.

“We’re not aware at this point of anyone continuing a festival to the scale of the Cityfolk Festival, but we do know that other festivals will continue such as the Hispanic Festival and the German Picnic and the Celtic Festival,” said Matt Dunn, Cityfolk.

Dunn says the University of Dayton will hold several concerts, like the one Wednesday night, that will feature popular Cityfolk artists.


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