Paging Dr. Paws

Pet Therapy dogs have been bringing comfort to patients at Miami Valley Hospital since 1999.

A group of dogs, including purebreds and shelter rescues, visit the hospital every Tuesday evening. They are with the Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association. The dogs and their handlers also visit schools, the base, and nursing homes.

“We visit patients, we visit families we visit staff; anybody who needs help relaxing and getting a little comforting,” said Melody McCallister, a coordinator with Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association. “It can get pretty boring laying around the hospital, it’s pretty stressful and it’s really nice to see our dogs bring them that comfort and relaxation.”

The dogs are screened and specially trained and fully bathed before each visit.

“I’m so blessed to have the dog, why not share the blessing,” said Iris Carter, volunteer. “She’s a wonderful dog,” said said of her rescue dog.

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