Dayton Children’s to end sales of sugary drinks

No more sugary drinks sold at Dayton Children's
No more sugary drinks sold at Dayton Children's Hospital. (WDTN Photo)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Children’s Hospital will no longer sell any sugar-sweetened drinks after May 1.

Beverages from soda to sport drinks to high sugar juices will be off the market.

The decision is part of the hospital’s Healthy Way Initiative to encourage healthy options for patients and their families.

According to the Regional Pediatric Health Assessment, 37 percent of children in the Dayton area are overweight or obese.

CEO Deb Feldman says they are looking forward to the change having a positive effect on the community.

“We are the only organization, the only institution in this area whose sole mission it is is to help the children. As a result, it’s really our obligation to lead the way and we believe this is one step in our effort towards creating a healthier Ohio and a healthier Dayton region,” said Feldman.

The change is just one phase of the hospital’s mission to promote healthy options on campus.

Feldman says the new initiative does not prohibit visitors from bringing their own sugared beverages into the hospital if they so choose.


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