Proactive plans at UD for St. Patrick’s Day

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The University of Dayton’s proactive plan to keep St. Patrick’s Day calm is coming together.

It is a campus wide game plan for recreation, not riots.  The question is whether students will buy into the plan.

The university is offering a weekend filled with alcohol-free activities.

Students we talked to say the university is filling their in-boxes with e-mails full of reminders of what’s appropriate.

They hope the alcohol free approach doesn’t cause others to act out.

“My problem with it, is that I think they’re being too forceful about it.”

“I feel like it’s almost like forced fun.. is what we’ve called it before.”

St. Patrick’s Day Palooza at Artstreet or neon dodge ball at the RecPlex are couple of offerings.

UD created a website as a one stop shop for St. Patrick’s Day events, but some students say they feel they are being punished for the acts of a few others.

They’re pushing too hard.. so students are going to avoid these activities out of spite now,” said Alejandro Tujillo, Sophomore.

Trujillo didn’t see the chaos on Kiefaber last year, but the university’s efforts to prevent it this year are being heard loud and clear.

“They’re sending I think four to five e-mails so far, a letter to my parents, a letter to me and posters everywhere warning against it.”

At a news conference last week, flyers titled Be Smart. Be UD. were distributed.

The university also won’t allow outsiders into traditional dorms and more than two dozen campus police officers will be on duty.

Whatever it takes to avoid the disturbance in 2013 involving hundreds of people. It damaged cars, police cruisers. 45 students faced disciplinary action.

Erica Meyer admits some of the events could be fun and they could be a big hit with a little less push.

“Give us these opportunities, don’t force them down our throats.. and maybe you’ll get more attendance.”

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