Students back to class after suicidal scare

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – Students are returning to class after a man triggered a lockdown in their building.

The man is now in custody following the incident at Monticello Elementary School in Huber Heights Tuesday afternoon.

Police believed he was suicidal and may have had a gun inside the school.

They locked the school down and went room to room searching, but did not find him.

Anxious parents arriving to pick up their children were told they would have to wait.   One said, “Five minutes after I got here, police started swarming in. They came out and told us it was a lockdown and to get back.”  Another said, “None of us wanted to go back to our cars. We were all freaking out.”

Once officers discovered the man wasn’t anywhere near the school, they lifted the lock down and released the children to their parents.

“Everything went flawless inside.  It’s something we train for all the time,” Huber Heights Police Lt. Mark Lightner told 2 NEWS.

Huber Heights Superintendent Susan Gunnell said, “These are things and these are reasons we have safety plans in place. These are reasons why we practice our safety procedures.”

Parents praised the school and the officers. “I congratulate them all. They were fantastic.”


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