Fewer lawbreakers on Green Beer Day

OXFORD, Ohio (WDTN)- Students at Miami University take part in Green Beer Day every year.

Oxford Police say this year’s festivities were calmer than normal.

Officer Matthew Hatfield has seen it all on Green Beer Day in his three years with the police department.

But that wasn’t the case Thursday when they saw much smaller crowds.

As of 4 PM, police say 14 people had been cited for littering, open container, noise, disorderly conduct.

Police believe the colder weather and later spring break aren’t the only reasons they’re seeing fewer lawbreakers.

“Professors tell them if you show up and you’re intoxicated, you’re going to get kicked out. And, you know, your college career is going to be in jeopardy. So, I think that plays a big part in calming things down,” explains Officer Hatfield.

RoseMarie Ward is doing her part informing students about the dangers of drinking.

The Kinesiology and Health Department Associate Professor was Uptown with several students today doing breathalyzer tests on students for a study.

“We talk to them about that, about how if their friend has a low pulse, if they look bluish or whitish or pale skin tone, they’re breathing slowly. They’re vomiting kind of uncontrollably or maybe dry heaving or they’re passing out and you’re’ unable to revive them, they’re unconscious. They should be calling and getting help,” explains Ward.

Students like Morgan Rauch say they’ll pay closer attention to the warning signs.

“I think it’s good to bring awareness and I wanted to know my alcohol level,” comments Morgan Rauch.

The university also offered many alternatives to Green Beer Day, which included showing movies all day at the Armstrong Student Center.

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