Honorary Flyer looking for a win

BUFFALO, New  York (WDTN) – As the University of Dayton gets ready to take on Syracuse in the third round match-up of the NCAA tournament, the most nervous member of the team may be Trevin Gray, 14, from Xenia.

The Flyers drafted Trevin at the start of the season, thanks to a non-profit organization called Team IMPACT.

In a video chat Friday night with Trevin and his mom, Darla, from their hotel in Buffalo, New York, they said they were having the time of their life.

Darla said Trevin’s visit the team during practice and stretches with them, which helps him physically, but developing friendships with the players has brought true joy back to his life.

“Trevin has a connective tissue disorder,” said Darla. “So, all of his cartilage and ligaments don’t work properly.  It’s a struggle every day trying to figure out a balance for him.”

The Flyers have taken Trevin under their wing and now he’s making priceless memories in Buffalo; getting the VIP treatment like sharing meals with the team.

If Trevin had to pick a favorite player, he said it would be Devin Oliver.  He said Oliver is really nice to everyone and always has a smile on his face.

“I knew this team was special from the first time I saw them practice this year,” smiled Trevin. “I would like to thank them for the experience that I’ve had with them, and wish them good luck in the game against Syracuse!”

Darla said Trevin is hoping to see the Flyers make it to the Final Four. “He’s going to Dallas with his father the first week of April with Team Impact, and when he found out he told the (UD) coaches, ‘I’ve got my ticket, it’s time for you to punch yours!'”


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