Flyer faithful ready to keep Sweet season alive

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Flyer Fever lives to see another week.

Dayton is heading to the Sweet 16 after another big win in the NCAA tournament.

“Easy to say it’s the most basketball I’ve watched in a while,” said Emma McClory, a junior at the University of Dayton.

It certainly has fans flying high as they continue to watch their team bust brackets.

The last time the Flyers were this far in the tournament, most of the students at the University of Dayton were not alive to see it.

“The last time we were even this far was in 1984 so I’m just so happy I get to be attending this school right now,” said McClory.

Thirty years since a Sweet 16 appearance is also making some merchandise some of the hottest selling items in Dayton.

“We’ve had a lot of phone calls today even before we opened,” said Joe Young, manager of Cardboard Heroes in the Fairfield Commons. “I got here early just to field the phone calls.”

Cardboard Heroes is one of the first stores in Dayton to get the new items.

The manager does not expect the new items to last until the Flyers play again in Memphis on Thursday.

“The big demand is for the stuff that say ‘Sweet 16′ that are coming out today,” said Young. “But we have a lot of banner flags that people like to fly outside and show their support.”

It is support that fans are hoping to show no matter they are watching the game.

Some are already making plans to go to Memphis.

Others, however, are not trading the campus experience should UD pull off another big win.

“It would be awesome if we do win to be on campus,” said McClory. “It would be cool to see it in person. But just how the campus reacted getting into the Sweet 16, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like getting into the Elite 8.”

The Flyers are slated to play Stanford at 7:15 p.m. in Memphis on Thursday.

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