UD Sweet 16 T-shirts arrive

WDTN Photo/Chris Smith
WDTN Photo/Chris Smith

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) — Hot off the press, UD Sweet 16 T-shirts arrived at the Cardboard Heroes store at the Fairfield Commons Mall Sunday.

Store managers tell us they are the first ones with the shirts commemorating UD in the 2014 Sweet 16 tournament game.

“We’ve had a lot of phone calls today even before we opened. I got here early just to field the phone calls and we’re getting a lot of demands so they will go fast,” said store manager Joe Young.

Cardboard Heroes will be selling banners, flags, clothing, mugs, and license plate frames with the UD logo.

The store said the shirts are its number one selling item.

Cardboard Heroes has locations in the Dayton Mall and Fairfield Commons.

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