UD warns students ahead of Sweet Sixteen



DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)- The University of Dayton emailed its students Wednesday cautioning them about post-game behavior following several arrests on the heels of the University of Dayton Flyers’ win in the NCAA Tournament this weekend.

“If dangerous or criminal activities begin, immediate action will be taken and the streets will be cleared; those involved will face disciplinary action or arrest,” the letter reads.

The letter, from Vice President for Student Development William M. Fisher, tells students that the university’s “ability to come together to celebrate as a community is one of the things that makes us unique.”

“Starting fires, throwing bottles… and breaking the law is not community,” Fisher says, “It’s not UD.”

Students took to the streets to celebrate UD’s win over Syracuse Saturday, starting fires, throwing bottles and cans and climbing on top of cars.

Police responded to the UD neighborhood wearing riot gear.

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