UD wins, campus cleanup begins

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – UD’s advancement to the Elite 8 is certainly cause for celebration as they topped the Cardinal 82 – 72 last night.

From the looks of things on the University of Dayton campus this morning, some students went a little overboard.  Just a few hours ago, thousands packed UD’s campus. But now that the crowd is gone, and they left behind smashed bottles, beer cans, and trash littered streets.

Work crews came out in force to get it clear, and by all appearances, they’ll be out for several hours.

Some who live in the area, like Henry Hessel, chose to stay behind and help. He said it is the right thing to do.

“I kind of just feel bad for them,” Hessel said. “Just come out and help them a little bit. Clean up our property and take a little work off their hands.”

Hessel said he expects the same amount of mess in the streets following Saturday’s game. And he expects to also help with that clean up too.

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