Drugs, weapons and cash seized by new task force

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) –  Bricks of cocaine, bags of weed, stacks of hundred dollar bills and guns filled the conference room at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Monday morning as Sheriff Phil Plummer showed off the haul his Bulk Cash Smuggling Task Force have seized over the last few months.

“People say we’re losing the war on drugs, well we are here to say we’re not,” said Plummer.

Even the Sheriff admits he had no idea the drug problem in the Miami Valley was this massive, but based on location it  does make sense.

“Unfortunately, we have the (Interstate) 70 and 75 Interchange here,” said Sheriff Plummer.  “We are kind of a hub, where a lot of transactions are made in this community.”

Sheriff Plummer said they have traced the drugs and money to drug cartels in Mexico. That’s why the task force is made up of local, state and federal agencies.

“It is a nationwide model that is working exceedingly well,” said Attorney General Mike Dewine.  “We go after the money and make it less profitable. Make the people who are behind it suffer. Not only by arrests, not only by charges, but also by taking their money from them.”

So far, $2 million in cash and more than $7.6 million in drugs have been seized. 79 arrests have also been made, but, Attorney General Mike Dewine warned Ohio cannot arrest its way out of a drug epidemic. He said it’s up to the community to take a stand.

“We are fighting back. We are not going to put up with this anymore add if the Mexican cartels think they can continue doing business in the Miami Valley without anybody doing anything, they’re wrong! This is ample evidence of it now,” said Dewine.

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