Local Clinical Trials for Superbug Vaccine

(WDTN) Dayton, Ohio


Denver Johnson is finally in good shape. This after recovering from a nasty infection caused by antibiotics. The fifty year old had surgery and was recovering from that procedure when he developed severe pain in his abdomen. Doctors diagnosed Clostridium difficile, or C. diff.  “I had not heard of it [C. diff], but I ended up with a morphine pump,” Johnson said.

The life threatening superbug kills about 14 thousand people every year. This bacteria weakens the immune systems in weak and sometimes healthy people, especially those who have been  hospitalized. Dr. William Randall is conducting clinical trials through PriMed Research in Kettering. A vaccine has been developed that would protect hospitalized people with weakened immune systems from C. diff and Randall is looking for trial volunteers.

If you are interested in being involved in the trial,  over the age of fifty and have been hospitalized or will soon be hospitalized and have been using antibiotics, call 937-312-8156.


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