Mysterious hole appears in Beavercreek yard

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) – A Beavercreek family still can’t believe what happened in their backyard.  Kathy and John Staiger said their son first heard noises Monday night.

They describe it as hissing, popping and crackling coming from the ground of their home in the 3000 block of King James Drive.

They called emergency workers in the county and Vectren who checked their water and gas lines, but there were still no answers as to why their ground was making noises.

That’s when they tried a different approach.

“He took the shovel, he put it in the ground and it goes whoosh!” exclaimed Kathy, “And then the sound went away and he lifted up that piece of dirt and you could see a big hole and we took the flashlight and it was like oh my God, how deep is this?”

The Staiger’s think this hole is about 29 feet deep and about 18 inches wide at the top.

They have it covered up for the time being so no one gets hurt, but the family fears there may be more holes.

So city and county employees are working to figure out what caused this one before they fix it.


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