Uninsured have other options

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – If you don’t have health insurance,  you have run out of time to get it from the Affordable Care Act for this year.  The deadline to apply for the ACA was March 31, but the answer for people who can’t afford to pay for insurance can be found in a neighborhood health center.

One of the reasons millions of people are still without health insurance is cost.  Some say they just don’t have the money to pay a monthly premium of any amount.

“We are here for patients regardless of their ability to pay.”  That message is from Gregory Hopkins, Executive Director of Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton. It describes part of the mission of the health centers – a program that is partially funded by the federal government.  The CHCGD has acquired six local health centers: Victor Cassano Health Center, Southview Health Center, Alex Central Health Center, Charles Drew Health Center, East Dayton Health Center and Corwin Nixon Health Center.

Last year, the network of federally funded health centers helped 22 million Americans. They offer primary care, but don’t provide specialists or hospital services.

These are not free clinics, if you are uninsured, the services will be paid based on your family size and income. Medicaid is available as are most insurance plans.

The appointment phone numbers are  937-461-6869 or 937-558-0180.

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